What’s that? You were expecting the next WOLFZiE record to be The Memory Department, Pt. 2? Nah, WOLFZiE is in it for the long game, so you’re going to get Homebody Friends right now. WOLFZiE’s aim is having the comfiest cult around, and if you’re chill and somewhat antisocial, you may be a Homebody Friend too. This is their soundtrack, and it opens with the stunning dream-like trip hop of “You,” featuring Tru Vonne, melting more genres in a minute than you can hope to come up with, sinking you into the musical equivalent of a down comforter.

Photo Cody Blackwater

Jimmy Sticcx and Bubba Dak are featured on “7 Works,” which delivers a fantastic flow over WOLFZiE’s trippy musical backdrop, hitting some key interplay with your neurons. “What You Need” gets into some psychedelically reworked jazz that’s as fascinating as it is hypnotic. The brief “Seeds” follows, with strange modulations and a wild soundscape designed as a link track to what follows. “Mau” features Roqy Tyraid with a righteous, amazing tirade that extols the beauty of all that is black.

The record concludes with the title track, a stunning instrumental that gives you a taste of the cozy cult, where you text your friends from bed with no intent of leaving the comfort of home. Technology has allowed us to socialize without the discomfort of actually socializing. It’s also a pretty dance-ready number. And if you’re wondering, Homebody Friends do a lot of dancing at home alone if the music’s right. This is it – this is legit Homebody music.