By happenstance and sheer artistic inspiration, local hip hop artist MC/DC and punk folkster Andy Warpigs teamed up to record this delightful lo-fi EP (produced by DaDadoh). “I’ve been playing shows with my cool friend Andy Warpigs lately. He has a guitar. One night, he crashed at my house and we recorded this thing the next morning,” said MC/DC. While the music is minimalist at best, with Warpigs providing his signature guitar, the really stunning thing is how intellectually/introspectively developed MC/DC’s lyrics are.

Charming on the surface with the homemade aspect, but when you get inside, it’s a damned deep trip. “Tempe’s Finest” is as boastful as it is self-reflective about watching your youth slip into adulthood. The catchiest moment on the EP is “I Got Your Back,” which comes across as an almost cute anthem of true friendship. The chorus is the hook, but what’s said is more important.

“Chill Freestyle Jam with My Friends” is one minute of exactly what the title suggests. This is followed by “The Weekend (Shitty Acoustic Remix),” which is as much an anthem of liquor-fuelled weekends as it is a cautionary tale about the results of slamming from Friday straight to Sunday. The guitar is damn near hypnotic here, and the chant of “Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Go!” could be the drinker’s chant everywhere.
The EP concludes with “Happy Birthday,” which features MC/DC’s trombone—that’s right, trombone. It’s a far cry from the traditional birthday song, but it’s a more realistic one for troubled people in troubled times, or really just regular people in regular times.