Exxxtra Crispy has been around for less than a year, and in that time they’ve become my favorite live band. Why? Because they’re super fun, because they’re rambunctious punks with horns, because they’re the kind of kids your parents told you not to hang out with, because they’re dangerous AND hilarious. Exxxtra Crispy is a lot of things, and they’ve just released their sophomore record, Endlessly Devastating.

Luckily, their records are just as weird as their live shows, but the rub is that it’s for completely different reasons. On record, you have strange sample collages like the title track. On stage, you have frontman Dirty Dalla$ proselytizing the scumbag gospel. “Exxxhausted” has become one of my favorite songs at live shows, and it’s every bit as incendiary on the record, with a touch more attention paid to the guitar. It’s a punk anthem of how millennials feel every day of their waking life in America. It’s nowhere near the hook factory that is “The Ballad of Chocolate Jesus,” which has a groove that can walk on canal water – it’s that good.

“White Gurrrl” is essentially a trumpet solo with an opening salvo of “got pills, cocaine and weed, chocolate jesus provides what you need.” It’s pretty cool for a minute. DaDadoh, Dalla$ and Swish Buckets take turns behind the mic on “Lost in the Sauce,” and it’s a pretty awesome gritty hip-hop fusion. “So Many Problems” is the quintessential gem on this record (“my dumbass took acid for breakfast, even though I knew it was reckless”) and features Danny Torgersen (Captain Squeegee) adding even more trumpet to the mix. The record finishes with “Subtle Torture,” which is two minutes of saxophone bliss that begins with an apropos Dave Chappelle quote.