It seemed that no sooner had Leonardo DiCapricorn disbanded than Sonoran Chorus picked up the remaining pieces and became even stronger. The pieces in this case are Damon Dominguez (bass/vox) and Joe Allie (guitar/vox), who have now teamed up with Alex LeBlanc (guitar/vox) and Troy Penny (drums). If you loved Leonardo DiCapricorn you will probably love Sonoran Chorus more. The sound is a bit more mature, they have three singers, and they still hold tight to loud, fast rules and aggressive hooks.

Photo Courtesy of Peach Girl Photography

Troy Penny Portrait, Photo by Peach Girl Photography

Lagoon Squad is their debut EP, and it’s six tracks of totally raucous, enjoyable indie rock. They’ve taken things up a notch sonically, as well, with Jalipaz of Audioconfusion on board. “Mt. Fuji” opens with a swelling guitar groove and a hint of surf that will immediately draw you in. The histrionic vocal madness is brilliant. Things slow down for only a moment with “Dogs,” until it explodes and Dominguez sounds like he’s about to lose his mind. “Hack” was one of two preview singles, and at just over four minutes it’s the longest song found here. LeBlanc takes vocal duties for what is one of the band’s finest moments.


LeBlanc Portrait, Photo by Peach Girl Photography

The other single, “Pike,” follows in its wake—the two songs together creating what is essentially the centerpiece of the record—and it is pure thrashing joy. “Lucy” appears as a bit of a surprise, slowing things down with a sentimental ballad for the first half before it becomes a straight-up garage-rock anthem in the middle, only to come back with a soft, sweet end. Lagoon Squad finishes with “Not Fixed,” which laments a wasted evening at an un-fun party and hiding at home alone.

It comes across as the confession of a conflicted introvert, and it may be my favorite song here, because I can totally relate to every single word.

Photo by Peach Girl Photography

Joe Allie Portrait, Photo by Peach Girl Photography