If you dig psychedelic shoegazing music from the height of the Creation Records era, I’ve got the perfect record for you. Citrus Clouds is the newest project from Erick Pineda (guitar) of Tierra Firme, joined by his girlfriend, Stacy Huttleston (bass), and Anthony Jarero (drums), with all members offering vocals.

Together they create a soundscape of beautiful feedback-laden pop songs that are as fascinating as they are hypnotic.

December live shows Arizona One thing I must say is that Huttleston’s vocals are absolutely angelic, and this debut truly shows her talent as a musician. Whether she provides harmonies (“Dreamer”) or takes the lead (“In Time I Am”), her voice is magic. No matter who is doing the singing, the real star is the tapestry of sound these three present. Whether it is Pineda’s dizzying guitar, Huttleston’s thumping bass or the brilliant percussion of Jarero, Citrus Clouds create a sound akin to early My Bloody Valentine, taking a fascinating genre and truly owning it. “Anymore,” “Love Is” and “Forever Friends” are perfect examples of this, where there is as much noise as there is sheer beauty, woven together into moody mosaics accented by dreamlike imagery.

There is more than just shoegaze going on here. Tracks like “The Colors” and “Day’s Glow” have a sense of Syd Barrett about them, if he had a more rock-oriented band accompanying him on his solo work. “Day’s Glow” especially stands out for its pop aesthetic and straight-out weirdness. It’s probably my favorite track here, for its more experimental approach in all regards. The finale, “Circus Fluffy Elephant,” is a grinning, unexpected, but somehow light and perfect finish.