Brandon Decker has been capturing the illusive vibes of Sedona with his music for more than a decade. But unlike the cloying new age sounds that typically emanate from Arizona’s red rock country, Decker’s music is solidly grounded in rock ‘n’ roll, while still pushing boundaries of the experimental. His live shows can spiral toward psychedelia, replete with stringed instruments swirling into a mind-altering mix.

Brandon Decker on stage, photo courtesy decker.

But the opportunities to soak up such musical synergies are few and far between during these days of de rigueur social distancing. This has made for some trying times for our favorite live artists. Decker’s unique pivot was to create another product that captures essence of Sedona (albeit through a different one of our senses) and his Sedona spirit water was born. No, this isn’t the latest in a plethora of small-batch booze offerings; rather, a fragrance – an olfactory elixir.

Brandon Decker’s Sedona Spirit Water, product photos by Brandon Epperson Photography

Launched on November 2, the day prior to one of our nation’s most historically divisive elections, this product might just come in handy during these trying times. According to Decker, “Agua de Sedona is a divine plant elixir to anoint, protect and cleanse. It is a unisex eau de toilette which I am making, bottling and bringing to you.”

“Agua de Sedona is intentionally created to distill the high desert land we inhabit. Here, our Mother Earth displays an almost endless abundance of deeply rooted vegetation, including sweet flowers and citrus, an array of pine, juniper and cypress, the mature musk from pockets of underground springs and monsoon rains sitting in our ancient canyons and washes, all grounded by the earthy aromas of dirt and clay,” explains Decker

“I have been infusing this concoction with every bit of the same love and intention with which I’ve created music the last 12 years and see it as an extension of my spirit and art.”